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The Pirate Proxy List 2021 - 100% Safe and Working Piratebay Proxies

Are you not able to browse or access access the piratebay?
Is the torrent website banned in your country?
Has your Internet Service Provider blocked your access to the Pirate bay? There's No Need to Worry!!!

Use one of the proxies (working in 2021) listed in our site that you can easily find below. These pirate proxies will help you tounblock the mirror version of the original piratebay. All the bay proxy lists mentioned here are 100% safe to use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Here, we have provided the list of some of the world's fastest and working mirror clones that are secure to access. The list of all pirate proxies mentioned in our site are regularly checked and goes through the verification process before we put them live. The lists below are being tested every day for availability and then we sort them by country and speed. These mirror clones are completely free and safe to access. Although, we will recommend you to use a premium VPN service for accessing any torrent website and downloading content from there as the government in many countries have strict laws against people downloading piracy content from torrent websites. In Countires like United Kingdom and United States of America, many people have copyright infringement notices from the ISP which could further lead to a legal lawsuit. So, to protect yourself from a situation like this, we will advice you to use Express VPN - which is a highly secure and reliable VPN in the market to protect your Internet identity from your government and makes you anonymous on the Internet.

PirateBay Proxy List - 100% Working BitTorrent Mirror Sites 2021

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URL Country Status Speed SSL
Online Very Fast True
Online Very Fast True
Online Very Fast True
Online Very Fast True

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URL Country Status Speed SSL
Online Very Fast True
Online Very Fast True

Pirate Proxies consists of list of several working proxy (mirror clones) sites that work as an alternative for the original thepiratebay.org. Similar to a VPN service, proxy is another way to unblock torrent websites that are banned in particular countries due to the restrictions imposed by their government. Our team has worked tirelessly to discover these proxies that are also safe to browse. Some of them have already found its place on reddit's pirate proxy server.

How safe are these piratebay proxy lists to use in 2020?

These proxies are 100% safe and reliable. So, without any doubt they provide a safe gateway to anonymize your web surfing and present the unblocked version of thepiratebay to you. Time to time we check and monitor the safety of these website. But, we cannot give you complete assurance that these proxies will keep you out of trouble from your government. As, they have more advanced technologies to track the user on the internet. We always recommend our user to use a VPN so that you are 100% anonymous on the internet.

What are the advantages of unblocking the PirateBay using Pirate Proxies?

The world's most popular torrent website has been banned globally by several internet service providers across the world, most of them are from United Kingdown and United States of America, but you can find the list of unblocked mirrors on our website, some of the TPB mirror clones listed here are the ones that are generally hosted from Europe, Poland, Russia and other countries where the online piracy rules are not that strict and are still legal to browse. So if you are not able to access TPB website, then use our piratebay proxy lists to unblock it and access it from any anywhere in the world. These TPB proxy lists are 100% secure and extremely fast.

How to access the pirate bay securely without getting caught?

We have come up with the list of free pirate proxies which allows you access the world's most popular torrent website without any restrictions. Additonally, There are some other alternate methods to access thepiratebay like using a VPN. For security and legal reasons, we strongly recommends for using a Virtual Private Network so that your government won't be able to track your IP address.

How does these pirateproxylist work and how to use them?

TPB Proxy Lists websites works from different parts of the world where the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have not banned them yet. Proxy owners use these location to setup a untraceable proxy. They have been setup to create a mirror for pirate bay therefore you don't have to download any third-party VPN to unblock the banned website.

These proxies goes through a different server IP address from the server you are accessing. If I explain this with an example, it goes like, if some user accessing to the pirate proxy list which are located in United States, the request will go through the server from a different country, so it has been considered as safe. To unblock the piratebay, use the lists mentioned above and browse your favourite torrent website like the old days.

The main motive behind creating these mirrors, is to deliver the original pirated content to millions of people without any restricitons and safety violations. It delivers the encrypted and anonymous version of the website to the end users. With this, proxy owners earn some profit by showing advertisements on their website. This helps them in maintaining the server cost and keeping the service udpated. They create the mirror of the original proxy and serve you the orginal and updated content.

What is a proxy server ? How has it been used to create duplicate version of pirate bay?

A Proxy server is a intermediate gateway between the user (you) and the internet that seperates you from the website you are accessing. On you browser, the traffic flows through that server first and then it serves the requested data to you from that website. Meanwhile, it also hides the server's IP address in between the process. It provides additional functionalities such as security by making you anonymous on the internet. Each and every computer with an active internet has a unique recognizable address which is referred as an IP address (Internet Protocol Address). The internet provides us the result using this IP address. So, when you use a proxy list of pirate bay, your request goes through that medium, and then the server collects the response on your behalf and shows you the webpage in your browser. While doing so, it changes the original IP address you are visiting.

Why do they need profit for mirroring the original site ?

Well in the world of web, it requires money to run a server and show the content to the user. These proxies are hosted on some web server that charge hefty amount for the service. So by displaying ads, they arrange the server cost and their developer cost.

How to create your own pirate bay proxy?

If you want to create your own pirate bay proxy site or any other popular torrent search engine or a filestreaming website, you can check my step-by-step tutorial guide for creating your own pirate bay proxy: How to create pirate proxy in 2021

Proxies are one of the most easiest ways to bypass and unblock the blocked websites and secure your internet browsing. Also, check out the Alternate ways to access TPB. We provide proxy lists from the countries where piratebay is not yet banned and illegal. These pirate proxy list of 2020 provide you the full access to the original content without any fear.

Avoid Censorship - Unblock the Piratebay

ThePirateBay has been blocked by several major ISPs all over the Europe and United States. Major copyright holding companies are censoring the popular piracy websites. Since 2011 Internet service providers from UK, USA, Netherland, Belgium and now even France have started blocking many file sharing websites that includes The Pirate Bay. However their efforts seems to going in vain as the popularity of these websites are growing day by day. The traffic keeps on increasing day by day. This is mainly because of many informational websites like ours - pirateproxy.fyi, people are getting aware of how to unblock pirate bay. We regularly check our pirate bay proxy list against several major ISPs across countries like India, United States, Australia, and even in European Countries to make sure that they are up and running.

Disclaimer: It is important to remember that whilst it is good practice to keep your IP protected whilst downloading from TPB, peer-to-peer file share is not illegal in any way. It is only the act of sharing a copyrighted file that may be deemed illegal by governments and media corporations in your jurisdiction.